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Date Posted: 05 September 2014

Where can one go for termination of pregnancy?
Termination of pregnancy is legal in South Africa and due to complications related to backstreet abortions, the government made it possible to have the procedure done by trained health professionals in most public health centres. Yes you can go to your nearest clinic or hospital. If after reading about the complications, you still want to do it ; then go to the clinic and they will assist or refer you to the hospital.
When can it be safely done?

Unfortunately the procedure has time limits because risks increase as the baby grows and foetuses also have rights. Yes babies have the right to live. The following conditions apply for termination of pregnancy to:

1. The pregnancy must be 12 weeks old or less

 If it is, then it can be done at clinics allowed to perform the procedure and will be done by a profession nurse.
 Can be done on request of the pregnant mother.

2. When the pregnancy is more than that; that is, 13weeks to 20 weeks, it can be done

 If the pregnancy poses some medical risk to the mother. If the mother is sick with some serious condition.
 If there is proof that the unborn baby is at risk of some serious illness.
 The pregnancy resulted from rape or incest.
 The continued pregnancy would significanlty affect the social or economic circumstances of the mother.

3. After 20 weeks of pregnancy, only if the following conditions are met,

 The pregnancy may endanger the woman's life
 The pregnancy would result in gross abnormality of the baby
 The pregnancy would result in a risk of injury to the unborn baby



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