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About Us

Tshwaneline is one of the best emerging job portals in South Africa.

Tshwaneline finds and lists job, internship and bursary opportunities available in South Africa. Tshwaneline works around the clock looking for these opportunities in jobs or careers webpage’s of trusted private and public companies.

Founded in 2009, Tshwaneline is an online service through which job hunters search for academic and employment opportunities currently available from South African companies.

The are 2 ways of using tshwaneline. 

You do not need to register your CV in tshwaneline. Choose a job category, search brows jobs,  after you found the job you want to apply for use the information provided under that particular position. The method of applying it can be through sending email, fax , making a call or following a link to the employers website. Jobs that are advertised in tshwaneline are jobs that are posted by employers, recruiters. jobs that where announced by our network of individuals trying to give out information. And many more. Did you know that 70% of jobs that are offered are not advertised In job portals? This is why we look for those jobs and announce them on tshwaneline. 

 Just because you posted your CV on 50 boards does not mean you need to check 50 sites every day.   Instead, use (TSHWANELINE) an aggregator site, we scans for roles regardless of which site posted them) and show the results in one window. We make it possible for job seekers to find hundreds of opportunities in and around their areas and reply to these postings. Tshwaneline! We try to reduce the time spent on job hunting, so that you can use it for something else.

Tshwaneline clearly signal which companies are hiring for which roles and in which areas they are investing.  Use this information to directly reach out to target employers.


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